Long-Term Athlete Development

Many parents ask how our programs are developed. They want to know about the various levels of training and competition and when their child should move to the next level.

As a competitive sprint racing flatwater canoe and kayak club, we strive to provide opportunities for success for athletes of all ages.  Not all will reach the Olympics, but as you can tell from our history, the odds are pretty good!

In a nutshell, the LTAD model guides us in developing programs for our first time paddlers that are fun based, and encourage a variety of activity. As the athlete develops, we introduce the concept of “Training to Train”, then “Learning to Compete” and then “Training to Compete”. It is not till well into the athletes’ lifecycle that we develop the concept of “Training to Win”.

Our coaches understand and are fully trained in these principles and would be happy to share the rationale behind the various programs.

Review Canoe Kayak's LTAD model here.