About Us

Cheema Aquatic Club was founded in 1969 in Waverley to provide aquatic sports opportunities to the youth in our area. We are primarily a sprint canoe and kayak racing club. We also offer 2 week introductory camps each summer.

Cheema has a long history highlighted by our National, International and Olympic success.

Cheema is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and is supported through membership fees and the fundraising efforts of our membership, combined with the kind generosity of local businesses and patrons.

Our club's facilities include a large boathouse which houses the athlete's personal race boats and the club's boats and paddles.  The separate two story clubhouse has office space, changing rooms, weight room, washrooms and a large meeting room.

Come down to Lake Thomas in Waverley and see what we're up to!

Board of Directors

Nadine Lamontagne
Commodore, Boat House Project Committee and Strategy
Janie MacKinnon
Vice Commodore
Ed Wark
Board Secretary
Connie Hetzler
Chris Brown
Past Commodore, Technology
Jeff MacMillan
Paddling Logistics
Monique Gray
Andrew Pickrem
Infrastructure & Growth Projects
Denise MacKenzie
Awards and Recognition
Todd Allison
Paddling Programs
David Hall
Brent VanBuskirk
Administration & Community Relations
Dan Kooyman

Coaches & Staff

Head Coach
Josh Nowen
Development High Performance - Women's Kayak
Peter Korisanszky
Learn To Train
Nick Lamontagne
Development High Performance - Canoe
Ocean Lushman
Riley Gray
Alana Kerrivan
Active After School Program
Dale Brown