Year-Round Programs

FUNdamentals: Under 12

FUNdamentals is based on fostering physical literacy through a variety of movement experiences with a primary emphasis on canoe-kayak.  Progressive paddling experiences designed to introduce the basics of the sport are taught for approximately 90 minutes per day in the spring and fall based on safe water/weather conditions.  From November to April (approximately), various forms of physical activity are organized in our multi-purpose room or in the natural setting around Cheema.  FUNdamentals is offered Monday to Friday starting at 4:30, finishing at 6:00.

Daily activities may include:

  • Water safety/boat safety instruction
  • Dragonboat/war canoe paddling
  • Four person canoes (C4) and kayaks (K4)
  • Tandems (C2/K2)
  • Appropriately stable single (C1/K1)
  • Hiking, running, calisthenics
  • Soccer, flag football, baseball, dodgeball, floor hockey and other sports
  • Weather and equipment permitted - snowshoeing, sledding and much more

Learn to Train: Ages 12-15

Our Learn to Train program introduces the paddler to the basics of Canoe-Kayak competition. Participants will learn to develop focus, take direction, and develop work ethic. The focus in LTT is to build basic paddling skills and abilities; learn to paddle with proper technique; build proficiency in singles and crew boats; and develop endurance, speed, and strength.  

During the winter months participants will be building their physical literacy skills through many different forms of exercise from introduction to age-appropriate strength training, aerobic base training and learning how to swim in weekly swim sessions. Participants will evolve these skills over 10 or 12 months, preparing them to be introduced to racing in a fun, competitive, team-oriented group.  

This program is designed for those athletes who wish to take their paddling skills to the next level but also may participate in multiple sports throughout the year. The program is targeted at the ages of 12 - 15 years, though exceptions are sometimes made by the coaches to accommodate 11-year-olds. 

The LTT Program offers 6-7 weekly sessions, expecting the athletes to attend 4-5 sessions;






















Program runs from September 11, 2023 to August 31, 2024* end date may change based on competition schedule, once released.


Development High Performance

Development High Performance is a year-round program designed to teach athletes how to train, set goals, race, and improve overall performance. Participating in a more disciplined training program of 7 to 8 sessions a week, with an introduction to swimming sessions, ski camps, Florida training camps as well as participation at Nationals. Participants will continue to build on technical, endurance, speed, and strength capabilities on a more committed level.

The Development High Performance Program runs 7-8 training sessions a week, practice amounts and time change throughout the year based on the groups yearly training plan.

Registration for Development High Performance is by Coach Invitation only.

High Performance

This program will see athletes training at the highest level under the guidance of the head coach.  The head coach will develop a performance pathway with each athlete on an annual basis. Expectations are full participation in scheduled workouts, training camps; Florida training, ski camp, swimming, as well as participation at local, national and international competitions. Athletes may not attend this program on a part time basis. Any absence from training is the responsibility of the member (except provincial/national team training).

Registration for Development High Performance is by Coach Invitation only.