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Cheema Welcomes Marley Fraser as Senior Summer Aquatics Lead

A message from Marley:
My name is Marley Fraser, and I am a university student studying psychology and neuroscience. I work between 5 different aquatic centres year-round as a certified lifeguard and instructor. I'm absolutely thrilled to step into the role of Senior Aquatics Lead this summer at Cheema. Having spent years immersed in the world of aquatics, I'm excited to bring my passion for swimming and water safety to the forefront. Whether it's teaching swimming lessons, organizing open swims, or ensuring everyone's safety and enjoyment in the water, I'm committed to creating a fun and supportive aquatic environment for all.
Please join us in giving Marley a warm Cheema welcome.
If you have questions about the swimming lessions being offered at Cheema this summer, please reach out to marley.fraser@cheema.ca or our Registrar Sharon at registrar@cheema.ca
2024 Swim Program

The Lifesaving Society Swimmer program makes sure children learn how to swim before they get in too deep. Progressions accommodate 5 to 12-year-olds including beginners and swimmers who want to build on the basics. Lots of in-water practice develops solid swimming strokes and skills. Targeted Water SmartĀ® drowning prevention messages are an integral part of the Swim for LifeĀ® program. These messages are delivered in all Swimmer levels.

Lifesaving Society Swimmer-1, Swimmer-2, Swimmer-3, Swimmer-4, Swimmer-5 and Swimmer-6 instruction will be offered as a component of Cheema Summer Active and the U8 program. Lessons are an option and those not choosing lessons will be active in other activities. Lessons will be offered three times per summer, over 2-week sessions, 4-days/week at 30 minutes per lesson.

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