Summer Program

The summer is where it all begins. Whether you are looking for exercise and physical activity, or you want to begin your journey to the Olympics, Cheema, in the summer, is a great place to be.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of paddlers at all levels within the framework of a sprint-racing club. What does that mean? That means that while we don't expect everyone to be able to train and compete at a high level, the program is designed to provide the foundation for long-term athlete development.

Cheema caters to both the recreational summer athlete and those who want to push themselves and see how far they can go.  Many Cheema paddlers have gone on to the Olympics and International competition, all of these paddlers started in the summer program and progressed into longer and more challenging training.

Fun, Fitness and Friendship are all an important part of any day at Cheema.

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Summer Programs